Our vision  is to become the world leader in sustainable packaging by harnessing nature’s own resources and  created value for our customer, environment and our business


Our mission  is to enhance the value of fresh fish products through the cold chain and protect the environment through high value circular compostable packaging solutions made from cellulose grass fibers


Cooling Box Made From By-products

Icelandic Innovation

The packaging of the future is about changing materials, sustainability and producer responsibility

Coolity believes that sustainable economic growth is an important factor for the prosperity of the world’s population. There is a need to build future for next generations and rethink how we can do better and use natural resources instead of plastic.

Many seafood processors are aware that fish packaging needs to become more sustainable, with Salmon Scotland holding a panel discussion on the issue during COP26.

Coolity are taken action by inventing fully biodegredable boxes from natural residuals, meaning they mineralised in the environment without the need for specific condition.


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